Steam deck battery seems disconnected after changing ssd

My SSD card is being recognized in the BIOS after installing it. I had unplugged the battery before working on anything and put the battery on storage mode.

When I plugged in the battery cable back in the Steam Deck it shows a 3-second light indicating that the battery is connected as I understand from this video:

However, when I was finished and closed the steam deck again, I plug in the charging cable to remove the battery storage mode. The Steam Deck powers on. It was previously on around 15% of battery.

But when I unplug the charging cable from the Steam Deck it suddenly goes off.

So now, even after charging the Steam Deck for a while, when I remove the cable, it is as if there is no battery connected.

Steam deck is currently plugged in and I'm attempting to re-image. Battery shows the z sign and 0% to indicate it draws the power from the plug.

Perhaps I pulled the cable out of the motherboard?

What am I missing? Please help.

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