LG OLED65C1PUB Will Not Turn On

First, let's get this out of the way. This LG OLED65C1PUB has a story. I ordered it from Amazon about three weeks ago. When it arrived, I didn't see the bottom corner of the box was dented. When I removed the TV from the box, I noticed that there was the slightest bend in the lower right corner that was not enough to affect the screen at all. I mounted the TV on the wall with help and then got to know the TV. The next morning, I decided since it was damaged in shipping legitimately, that I would see if I could exchange it for the OLED65G1 and pay the difference. I was unable to do that through the automated system so I hopped on a support chat. This was about 3:30AM at the time.

After I explained that the TV was bent along with the box and that I wanted to exchange the C1 for the G1, the gentleman apologized to me three times, then said that instead of exchanging it, he would refund the purchase to either a gift card or to my credit card. I said credit card was better. Then he said they did not need the TV back and I could either keep it or donate it. I couldn't believe it. This was the bend in the screen, the best way I could find to show it:

Block Image

Later that day, I decided to remount the TV with a thinner mounting bracket. While trying to hang it, this time without help, I dropped it, bending the other corner. In my angerr at myself, I just left it sitting on the floor without the base on it. Later that evening, I powered it on and it worked. If you are familiar with the C1, the screen is about 3/8" at the edges and has a metal support frame. The frame was bent but the TV worked for about 5 hours after without any problem with the screen. I fell sleep watching TV that night, it still sitting on the floor, no stand. My guess is that it overheated since it was sitting on the bottom speaker grills/vents. When I awoke the next day, it was as described below:

* When plugged in, the standby LED on the power button is solid red and does not blink when plugged in

  • There is a faint hum from the mainboard when plugged in
  • The hum and standby LED both stop briefly when the power button is pressed
  • Both return at the same time without no change to the screen
  • The screen remains off and does not show any signs of power

In the below screen shot from the back on the TV with the case off, there are two cables that go from the main board to the T-Con board.

Block Image

If I disconnect the bottom of the two, then, there is a very solid click from around the power board when the power cord is plugged in.

Block Image

When the power button is pressed, the standby LED blinks a few times and the screen turns on but since that cable is missing, the screen remains black except for a line up the left side of the screen.

Block Image

I shouldn't be this concerned about a TV that I have zero financial investment since I got the entire $1800 refunded but I also can't bring myself to just throw it out. I still feel there is something hardware wrong and that the screen is fine.

I apologize for the long story, but growing up a computer/tech geek and spending the last 20 years in IT support, I know how to document an issue.

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