Identifyng a blown capacitor LG TV

I have a blown capacitor on the PCB of my TV and have no idea of identifying its value to replace it. The PCB model is EAX64770201 and the location of the capacitor is C102.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (04/26/2022)

Hi @jayeff

This is what the capacitor looks like, the side where the writing would've been has blown.

Block Image

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Hi @shadowg,

What makes you think that it is blown?

From the image it looks OK

What if anything is printed onthe capacitor. Be careful not to touch it with your fingers in case the ink smudges.


@shadowg what model is your TV?


@oldturkey03 The model number is LG 42LM3450



I can't find a schematic for the board but chances are that if C102 blew then something else close by is also faulty.

Check the underside of the board to see where it connects to, Q101 perhaps and check if it is OK i.e. not open circuit or short circuit.



Everything on the underside of the board looks fine, as do the other components nearby.