2009 Apple Wireless Keyboard|Connecting But Not Typing In Pairing Mode

I have a 2009 Wireless apple keyboard that won’t pair with anything, I have tried an iPhone running IOS 14.8, and iPad running iPadOS 14.8, an LG G5 and a Windows 10 Desktop, I have also searched online for a few hours to find a solution but no luck.

I got this keyboard used from a shop, it’s in decent shape but I don’t know where the original Mac that it was being used with is, however, the board still has a name from the previous owner/Mac.

The main issue is that once put into pairing mode the Green LED begins to flash like normal and it shows up under Bluetooth on all of the devices, but when I connect and try to type in the given code nothing happens, after about 1 minute both the idevices and Android phone say that there was no response from the broad and to try again later and my desktop just continues to try for as long as it likes or until the keyboard goes to sleep.

I have replaced the batteries and cleaned the board to make sure the keys were pressing down in the way they are suppose to, but still nothing.

Any help would be great.


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