Nest Cam Outdoor has died - no power light at all

Anyone tried repairing one of these?

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Hi @reticentrobot ,

have you checked that there is power getting to the camera, you didn't say? Either the power supply or at the power supply wiring at the camera itself?


@jayeff Not yet, I’ll see if I can figure that out this weekend when I pull it down. I put it through the wall and caulked in the hole, so should be interesting getting it back down to mess with.

Before it finally kicked the bucket it would constantly go offline, and I’d have to unplug it for a few minutes and plug it back in to get it going again. It finally just would no longer reconnect and that’s when I noticed it didn’t even have a power light anymore. I checked the power connection from the camera to the section where it connects to the power cable and that all seemed good, so I’m at the point of having to take it down and figure out if there’s anything to be done or if I have to just replace it. At $200 a pop I’m hoping some sort of repair can be done.


@jayeff I can confirm that I'm getting power up to the USB female (wall outlet to USB power supply), not sure how to test any further than that. There's also no obvious way to disassemble the camera housing that I see, appears to be glued together.

Found someone who has done it here: - unfortunately I'm about to have a surgery and will lose the use of my left arm for a few weeks, but after I recover from that I'll take it apart and see if I can see anything that jumps out at me as the issue.