Sumup AIR Card Reader Model: AIR1E205

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The Card Reader becomes "blocked" after receiving a small shock/hit

The Card reader fell to the floor and received a shock, not when booting it up it says “Device Blocked.Please ContactSupport” support tells me that this is a “fail mechanism” that gets triggered by droping it

the only way to “fix this” is to get a new one

So.. i opened the card reader. seems there are 2 Pads with a coper lining in them that are never ever supposed to contact the board pins underneath the pads, and if the device gets dropped hard enough the pads will cause the pins underneath to contact each other.

Also on the other side of the board is what apears to be a other small connectorboard that is fitted in a way that if it would be dropped, the small connector board would disconnect from the other part, causing it to not make a connection anymore

This device is ment to be caried around and use mobile. So offcourse this kind of fail mechanism is totally idiotic

And offcourse it broke just 2 days after the warranty was over

I am trying to get this back to work since im not a fan at all of this kind of nonsense to get people to buy more stuff while the other unit the are replacing is technically still functional

I tried removing the sodim inside, removed the foam pads with the copper lining and soldered the lifted of small piece back to its place

Only thing i mannaged to do is reset the date and open a service port on the device (trough usb connection)

If anyone has a clue on what i can do, please tell me

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hello, I’ve had this same issue and SumUp said that it’s a security measure and it’s not possible to remove the block, you can get it replaced for free if it was purchased under a year ago.





I have just had a chat with Sumup support with a

“Device is Blocked. Please contact support [0105000000]” - Message

I purchased my device 3-4 years ago. After receiving it I initially set it up & it has spent the remainder of its time in the Box it arrived in (Completely un-used)

The trigger for my blockage isn’t shock, impact nor tampering! it’s because

“I haven’t charged the battery regularly enough?” according to the support team?

I queried if this apparently timed (Self-Detonation) feature was mentioned in the

“paperwork that I would have received when I purchased the card reader?”

The answer that I received was

“It is advised to charge the Battery regularly, To prevent damage to the Battery!”

I then asked

“Is the Blockage due to Battery failure?”

To which the obvious answer is NO. The Battery was Flat, so I connected it to my PC & I was immediately greeted by 4 illuminated lights & the message above… The Cardreader remained connected to the PC whilst I spoke with the customer support team (Approx 15 mins) I removed the Cardreader from the PC & low & behold the Battery had charged??

I explained to the Support team that

“I repair electronics - Micro soldering - IC replacement, Jumper wires, Board trace repairs etc. requiring the use of a microscope & have a very in depth understanding & knowledge of Board level electronics, specifically SMC’s”

I asked the support team

“Why has the anti-tamper trigger been activated? is it due to a failing battery? if this is the case, then it does not constitute tampering??" even though the Battery isn’t failing & is charging as normal

The response was

“I’m sorry, I don’t know but because the warranty has expired, we are not able to help you!”

I explained to them that because this unit was now a paperweight! & as such I told them

“I am now out of pocket, I have no intention of replacing it but will quite happily upload a video to my YouTube Channel showing my disassembling & reverse engineering this unit! in order to ascertain the Trigger mechanism & how to circumnavigate it & whilst I am in the process I will list every IC & major component contained within it! & where to source them all!”

I also made them aware of the fact that there are bound to be several thousand people that will be quite happily entertained whilst watching this video

I made them aware

“If I am unable to use this cardreader for it intended purpose to earn me money then I will earn money from YouTube dismantling the damned thing”

At this point after reading my intentions, I was promptly informed by the support team that

“The Technical Department would contact me as a matter of urgency. with the intention of resolving this issue!!”

If I haven’t heard anything within a couple of days, I will proceed with the Video :)

(There will be alot of interested parties that are a lot smarter than me that will take alot of interest in my findings)


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So funny, but it's a shame that the support only respond to a threat



I’ve the same issue with my Air terminal. We use that device in our taxi and suddenly it broke today at 8:45 am. This %#*@ thing never touched the floor or anything else and it’s always charged. The device is out of warrenty since February 2021.

Support sad to me the same thing “we can’t do anything else. Please buy a new device”.

Were you be able to find out anything regarding electronics and reverse engineering?


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Hi, I have only just began to dismantle my Paperweight (SumUp Reader) I will upload my findings at a later date but currently it seems as though the only way to reset the configuration is with an interface (I haven’t figured out which as yet?) but have I have tried several various software methods. I have managed to make the device discoverable but non writeable! Once I have uploaded the Board & component details (Photos) I am hoping that there will be others that will recognise them & maybe able to offer a schematic?

Unfortunately at this moment in time, I am afraid that a replacement unit is currently the only quick fix solution


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Yep, I bought a new device so we can further accept payments.

I also found this topic while I was doing a small research


He listed some of the components of the Sumup Air Terminal. Maybe it could be useful.

I guess if we want to reset the device we need to unsolder some chips right?


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Did you manage to fix this? I have a similar problem and my card reader was not dropped…


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@norman ludgate

unfortunatly not. I throw the broken one away and bought a new one.


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ii think its just a scam so that you buy a new one i have dropped

my one lots of time, and it was always working then suddenly two

days ago a customer inserts a card and it stopped working and it was not dropped

i think its a scam by sumup to make more money, i think that they

block your machine from from their end so you buy a new one


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I get the need for tamper protection (probably needed for PCI DSS compliance), but the devices are too fragile. We bought 4 solo devices to use in our theatre bar and coffee corner. One of them came up with the blocked message. From enquiries, I think it was dropped onto the counter (about 20cm) - there isn't a single mark on the device. I contacted sumup as it was still in warranty (just) but they said a drop voids the warranty (despite there being no evidence of such - my fault for even mentioning it!).

I won't be recommending anything other than the air readers from now on, as they are much cheaper to replace.

The sumup app on android is supposed to support "tap on phone", which could be used for contactless if the card reader fails, but despite ensuring nfc is enabled on my phone I never see the option in the checkout. No idea if they'll be adding a similar feature to the ios app now that apple tap to pay is a thing.

For anyone new starting out I'll be pointing them at zettle, as the 'tap on phone' feature works on their app!


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