My battery needs to be changed

good evening,

a few days ago my computer stopped turning on and what seems to be the problem is the battery, since the system was already asking to change.

I was looking for the right model to change the battery, but for my computer I can only find batteries for the Macbook Air Late 2010 A1370 7.3V.

However, my computer is 14.5V, I was wondering if it is compatible and if it would be a problem to buy with a different voltage.


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Let's check your system model. Plug in your systems S/N into here EveryMac - Look up Let us know what you find. Then we can point you to the correct battery you need as well as the guide to put it in.


The power provided by the charger isn't the same as the power taken by the battery. There is power distributed to other parts of the system as well. If the battery is correct for your model number then it should work.


@commandblock - Power from the charger is no different than what the battery offers, but, thats not the issue here. LiOn Batteries die over time they only have so many cycles. And that assumes the charger is working and the charging logic within the system is working properly.


@danj Well my battery is 11.2V while my charger is 16.5. What I meant is that if the battery says it's for X model of macbook then it should be compatible.


Sounds like you may have the wrong charger and battery??

Apple 45Watt MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air your battery MacBook Air 11" (Late 2010) Battery is 35 Watt lithium-polymer.

The charger output is 14.5 volts and the battery is 7.3 volts