kenmore washer no display

no display 5,&12volts,& ground on pin 3,4,5 test pins no lights

i need display pcb???

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What is the model number of the washing machine?

What is the board number (printed on the pcb itself) of the display pcb?

Have you proved that the display itself is OK as I'm not sure if you need a display or a pcb


kenmore 796.4********** front loader

display pcb ????

running washer testing thermister fault display pcb could of contacted frame

didnt see it happen friend was pushing buttons at time ,no display since


@ tony richards

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the display to check if there are any images on the screen when the washer is powered on.

If so it may be the backlight power to the display and not the display itself. The power may be coming from the board that the display is connected to and it may hopefully just be a burnt out fuse (maybe a smd type so it won't look like a fuse that you're used to seeing)

Also what is the full model number as maybe (and I don't know) there are differences between models within the 796.4 model range?