F02 Error Code Back again

Hi All

Kenmore Elite He 3T 110.45976404

I have replaced the Pump

I have replaced the control board/panel

I have checked the pressure switch/valve

I have checked the hose and clean it out

I have removed the ball from the boot nothing blocking (read somewhere it was no longer needed so left/took it out)

The F02 error went away for 5 washes The breather hole on the boot was block (i believe the first problem)

Now it is back again. F02 or Sud when the drum is empty of water but has a few wet clothes still in it because the cycle never finished.

The water drains and you can hear the pump and listen to it drain, no or not much water left in the hose or pump when I open the filter

What next?

Also is there no way to just make it spin skip draining and just spin. I have tried drain & spin but that just goes back F 02 not draining. and never gets to spin

Thanks in advance

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