Searching or No Signal

After doing a battery install I have a iPhone X that won’t get service it either says “no service” or “searching” it does recognize if a sim is installed or removed.

i have done every reset possible, different sims, put original battery back in. Replaced the antenna cable bracket(With flex) on bottom, I also replaced the loud speaker flex (also known as interconnect flex cable ) being the cell antenna bracket connects to it. Still same issue. Anyone have any idea? Thanks

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Does it bring up the IMEI number on the keypad if you input *#06#


@imicrosoldering Yes it does


@Andrew Butera Not sure what the problem could be. If it is not the sim card or your network and it is not a baseband issue I would be looking at the sim tray holder. Check the pins with a magnifying glass not much other help I can give without it on my bench.


@imicrosoldering ok i will give that a shot, thank you very much for the help!


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