MacBook Pro 16インチの解体情報と修理ガイドです。2019年11月に発売されました。モデル番号はA2141とEMC3347です。

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Water under screen after spill, leaving marks

Hello there y’all!

The worst thing happened to me, when I managed to spill some tea into my MacBook Pro 16'‘ (I wrote a song about it, coming soon!

I immediately put it into a tent position, and tried to dry it, then drove it to an Apple Store for diagnostics. The diagnostics revealed there is no water damage on the logic board, as I turned it topside up right away, there was some water in the trackpad and keyboard, but nothing too serious, and my computer is running fine.

ACCEPT - me turning it into a tent position caused a huge water blotch on the left side of the screen. I found some forums, suggesting to run a python script and warm up the screen, and that it would dry on it’s own. I run folding at home at 100% CPU usage for most of the time now, and I have the screen facing the heater, and the spot is dramatically reduced.

However! - It led to a kind of strange effect, as most of the water evaporated, there are no signs of it when looking directly into the screen. When I tilt the screen, or look at it at an angle, there are bright spots left after where the water had been.

What do y’all think? Will it blend? (will it dry) or is there any way to fix this?

I also found an article here, on how to replace the screen (of a non-retina Pro), with heating the glass, using suction cups to lift it, and change the screen - do you think it would be beneficial (and possible) to do the same here, with me not replacing the screen, but gently blowing air under the glass to dry? Do you have any other suggestions?

Pictures attached, the situation now, and the original spill

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hello There! I just had a similar situation right now and I am a little worried this may be a lost cause. Since this post have you noticed any good signs of it disappearing and improving ?


Hello there!

well, it got a lot better since then, but there ale still some smudges in the lower left corner. Do not lose hope, yet do not count for the best. :-)


Hey, any news on this? How did it go?


Hello there!

Not too much news. I am still left with a bright spot in the lower left corner, but it is slowly going away. In places where the liquid dried, the bright spots are getting less and less visible when viewed from an angle, to a point that it is basically unnoticeable until you focus on it. I hope the lower left corner dries completely as well, and if it does, I personally would not consider the screen damaged, at least so far as I need to use it.

having the same kind of trouble?


Right now I am facing the same issue,Csn I use it with spots on or will it have any future effects?






Hi, I just want to share my experience because I was desperate, like many others hoping to find a solution online. My water bottle leaked in my bag, and my Mac Pro got soaked. When I turned on my Mac, it started to work but then began to flash, and I could see a 3 cm wide water mark from the bottom of the screen to the top. I took it to the Apple Store on the first day, and the person at the Genius Bar said that water had damaged the chip, which is the most severe type of damage. He suggested I replace the Mac because fixing it would cost more than $1,500. However, he also suggested I try some popular methods like air drying or using low heat from a blow dryer to see if I could have any luck. But the downside is, even if it seems to work, you don't know when the chip damage might become apparent.

So I went back home and tried blow drying with low heat. But then I noticed the water mark had deepened toward the top of the screen, which didn't look good to me. Then I switched to the rice method. I submerged my Mac in rice for two weeks and never opened it once in the middle. After two weeks, when I took it out, I found bits of rice inside my PC. I shook it in all directions hundreds of times until all the rice came out from the HDMI/USB ports, and I heard no more rice inside it. When I turned on the Mac, the magic happened! The water marks were gone completely, and I could use my Mac as well as before. I've been using it for 3 months now as if nothing had happened.

I think the rice did the trick. I know my case isn't the golden way to treat such issues, and maybe I just got lucky. But if you're at your last resort and would otherwise throw it away, you could also try it.


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Sadly, there is nothing you can do here to fix this. By chance did you sign up for AppleCare+ ?? If you had Apple does offer people a reduced price for repairs under it.

While not overly hard you will need to replace the entire display assembly as the display in this series is fully sealed! The area where the moisture was is in fact behind the LCD panel within the light dispersion sheets. What you are seeing is what was in the water after it evaporated. Your drink was not pure H2O it was made up of tea, sugar, lemon or milk all of which are solids and even the water used to make the tea have minerals dissolved too!

Here’s a view of what makes up a MacBook Pro retina display sheets:

Block Image

“Diffuser and prism films evenly spread the light to create an even backlight for the display panel. A stationary polarizing sheet then works in conjunction with the liquid crystals to block or allow light for each pixel”

Basically, the liquid wicked up between the sheets.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Clearly this is not cheap! Maybe you’ll need to live with it for awhile, hoping a cheaper used part becomes available.

While this is for the 15” model, Apple really didn’t alter things in the 16” models, here’s the steps to install it: MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2018 スクリーンの交換


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Awesome! Thank you for the answer!

Can I have an extra question regarding it? they are quite blasphemous, so please have mercy on me.

1) I can live with it for a while, however, I am wondering. If this is a problem of things "behind" screen, would it be possible to disassemble the laptop, separate the screen and "wash" it in distilled water in a clean environment? I know these screens are not waterproof, so submerging it into destilled water, and then letting most of it out should allow the water to at least diminish the number of particles and minerals present, right? Then the screen could dry for a week or two. I guess it would however corrode anything not corroded yet, or otherwise destroy the screen - I am just trying it.

2) Would it be helpful, if I disassembled the screen and blown some compressed air Into it, trying to get rid of these parts? what is the danger here?

3) Would it be possible - and I know probably not - to change it for the mini-led screen when that one comes around? I know apple very much does not like any altering to the devices, I am just trying it.

Thank you for your answers!!!


@cherokee156 - Such blasphemy! ;-}

This gets into how to open a common egg without damaging any of the shell! Even All the kings men couldn't put Humpty Dumpy back together after he fell from the wall ;-}

Apple did a great job making the display impossible to open without breaking it. It's glued tight!

1 - Yes you can take the display assembly off but what then? Can't open it to get to the staining. Dipping it into distilled water won't help as you are assuming the water will find the same pathway your tea did and even if it did all it will do is spread the mess as the dilution won't remove what's in the water when you force the evaporation again. It just will be a thinner coating over a larger area. And as you are now using a lot more water you have a lot more the dry out. You really need to mop up the water before it hads a chance to evaporate, which you can't.

2 - Blowing air won't get between the sheets where the deposits are and the spots are now dried like paint air won't move them. Even the force of a jet engine won't change things here.

3 - Sorry my crystal ball's light just blew! You'll need to wait until I get a new one. I have no way of knowing what Apple has in store for us in their next series.




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