Slow and freezing when launching apps

Today I’ve dropped my MacBook Air (Mid 2013). Two days ago and it was running fine until now so that’s why I write this reply.

It was launching Photoshop in 4-5 secs, now it doesn’t. I launch Steam, it launches up in 1-2 mins. I can play games, there isn’t any problem with gaming so far.

Apple Support told me to reinstall macOS today, it’s still freezing sometimes and even takes long times to launch applications but it’s more stable so far… is there anything that I can do?

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Does this MacBook have a mechanical hard drive? if it does you may have damaged it. Heres a good ssd to replace it with:


It has 250gb ssd and it’s stock. I agree with you by the way, the ssd inside of my mac is so old and after that drop, it took some sort of damage. I’m still in a doubt tho, stock apps such as Safari etc doesnt’t even take a second to launch up. Only in 3rd party apps, and whenever they launch up, whole system (except cursor) freezes


Oh i know that ssd btw, bought it to my desktop and im happy with it.


Forgot to mention, it doesn’t have mechanical hard drive :-(