The green display inside the eyepiece is behaving strangely

hey guys,

I first thought, that the liquid crystal display inside the eyepiece of my 550d was ripped, because in some parts it showed strange, curvy symbols.

but if I select any of the manual programs on the wheel, everything is back to correct without any diplay errors. it just seems to happen with the automatic programs..

does anybody have a similar issue? could a firmware upgrade help?

cheers for any help!


Update (09.10.2019)

I managed to get a picture of the eyepiece


Block Image


Block Image

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Did you bang the top of the camera? Or could you have had some rain get in?

I can't tell if the displays mirror assembly became loose or if the electrical contacts of the LCD assembly got damaged (cracked panel)


don’t think so, I was always handeling the cam very carefully..

but how can it be broken, and show the error only in the automatic modi, but in the manual modi it’s all fine?

this is really strange..


It looks like the segments are not complete. This display is a bit different as its segments vs pixels. More like an old LCD calculator display. The connection to the panel is a ribbon cable which is bonded to the panel. Some of these contacts are not making contact.


Hey Dan, thanks for your reply.

So what you are saying is, I should open it up and check all the connections?

Cheers and have a nice weekend!