2.0GHz, 2.3GHzもしくは2.6GHzクアッドコアIntel Core i7プロセッサ (Turbo Boost 最大3.8GHz) 6MB共有L3 キャッシュ付き。

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What do you use in place of DiskWarrior to repair data for APFS?

I used diskwarrior for all of our older machines before APFS formatting came out. now I can’t use it.

What do you recommend to repair data now since diskwarrior doesn’t work anymore for APFS drives?

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There is a lot of misinformation and confusion on this topic. Currently, no utility can rebuild the directory of APFS disks on Mac. That includes DiskWarrior (the best in the repair arsenal), TechTool Pro (second choice) and Drive Genius (third choice). Worst of all, macOS versions above 10.12 Sierra re-format disks as APFS, so users are left in the cold. Apple should not do that!!!

The reason is that Apple has not yet released documentation about how to write to such APFS disks, as they did about how to read them by September 2018 (after releasing macOS 10.14 Mojave; a year after releasing APFS for Mac and even before for iOS by March 2017!!!).

• Some developers are clear about it in their web pages, like Prosoft Engineering:

Drive Genius 5. Rebuild utilities are not supported on APFS.


• Micromat is misleading:

TechTool Pro. In addition to native Mac drive formats, Mac OS Extended and APFS, Techtool Pro supports testing and repair of MS-DOS (FAT32) and ExFAT formatted volumes.

Techtool Pro can also repair Apple's new APFS file system, standard Mac OS Extended volumes, as well as MS-DOS (FAT32) and ExFAT formatted volumes.

But says part of the truth in the small print:

**Note: Optimization for APFS rotational drives is not yet possible with the current amount of APFS documentation provided by Apple, which currently provides insufficieant documentation for defragmenting a disk.

And the whole truth in their forum:

APFS formatting. No utility can fully support APFS at the moment, both because APFS is itself a work-in-progress, and Apple has yet to release documentation for it for developers. What is needed is documentation at least as detailed as the one for the HFS+ filesystem.


• Alsoft (DriveWarrior) is completely misleading and wrong:

Using DiskWarrior 5.2 while started (booted) from High Sierra or Mojave. What's in the works. The next major release of DiskWarrior will include the ability to rebuild APFS disks. Apple has recently released the APFS format documentation. Our developers are now using that documentation to update DiskWarrior to be able to safely rebuild APFS disks.


 That is FALSE. They CANNOT release a new version of DiskWarrior to rebuild directory of APFS until Apple releases the full documentation. Clearly, they do not want to reveal the plain truth, since their living depends on that! Alsoft should not do it!!! Customers deserve the truth!




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First off, thank you for the information provided in the post above. Very helpful.

Second, I have also been looking for a replacement for Disk Warrior and happened to check the Stellar website. I've used Stellar Data Recovery in the past and had really good luck with the product. While the post linked below does not mention rebuilding the directory of an APFS drive, it does say you can use Apple’s Disk Utility to “repair” them.


Is "rebuilding" with Disk Warrior and "repairing" with Disk Utility the same? Similar?

Finally, I'm curious if you have an opinion on Stellar Data Recovery? Is this a product you would consider purchasing or are you still holding out for Alsoft to update Disk Warrior?

Thank you in advance for your help and have a great day!


Hi Dane, thanks and sorry for my late reply, but I did not notice your message before.

You can check out the interesting article and comments at

Should you trust Disk Utility’s First Aid or fsck?


As Howard Oakley (hoakley) states, "There’s now at least one product available which attempts to recover the contents of damaged or deleted APFS volumes. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac".

Disk Warrior is much better and efficient repairing damaged disks than Disk Utility, because only the former rebuilds from scratch the directory of HFS+ disks. I am still waiting for DiskWarrior 6 to do it with APFS disks.

In relation to Stellar Data Recovery Professional, it does not repair disks; it recovers files from them. Thus, they are completely different applications. It is good to have both and use them depending on the issue to address (repair disks or recover files). The best is to repair disks, but if that is not possible, the second can help to recover files to other disk (the damaged disk will continue being damaged with such second approach).

Albeit a bit late… Happy New Year!


Thank you for the detailed response. I appreciate the info and your expertise. Hopefully, the day will come (soon) that Apple releases complete documentation of the APFS file system so developers and the rest of us can get on with our lives. : )




Diskwarrior 5.2 recognises APFS drives but can’t repair them just yet. I think you should wait a until they come up with a newer version of their App, otherwise you will have to find other alternatives (which may be great, even perfect but not as perfect as DW). Although, you could still repair all your HFS+ formatted drives and that is something that wouldn’t really be difficult even in an APFS formatted Mac.


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I personally use Drive Genius 5.x

See if the free Demo allows you to fix the drive. You’ll want to create a bootable external drive to run it from or setup a BootWell drive.

I haven’t needed to fix a APFS formatted HDD or SSHD drive so I’m not sure if it will work. I don’t see any notes saying it won’t, here’s how: How to run repair on a drive

Do keep in mind SSD drives can encounter issues that can’t be fixed as unlike a spinning disk which has tracks and sectors that can get messed up they use direct block access.

Once you get the drive fixed make a backup and then either run the defragment tool or reformat the drive and install a fresh OS onto it then recover your data from the backup (TimeMachine) being the better one.


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I use Micromat’s TechTool Pro 11




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unfortunately I can't wait for diskwarrior. i'm in need of something much sooner to repair the data on the disk for our customer

this is the error message I'm getting when trying to perform FSCK or first aid on the disk

"macbook first aid volume could not be verified completely"

I've tested the drive itself in DRIVEDX and it has 100% health. it's a 1 month old seagate firecuda 1 TB SSHD. It's running the most up to date version of Mojave. I think her data is corrupt, because i've moved the drive to multiple MacBooks and get the same error.

I'd like to repair the data, because if I send her a new install of OS-X, then she moves her data over, we'll have the same issue again.

Is there anything else I can do?


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Sounds like you're hitting a clone issue here!

How about using Apples tools instead!

Use TimeMachine to create a backup and then restore to a fresh drive to double check to see if the corruption is resolved. I'f possible format the test drive HFS+ so you can then use the better tools. Once you feel confident the spare drive is good, reformat the Seagate and re-install macOS as needed. I would strongly recommend you use Migration Assistant.

And lastly find all of your cloning apps and throw them all away!


is that not toooo late now?


@Fat Lip - If he still has the original disk then no.



Not surprised at the criminal monopoly, conspiracy theorist have also gone as far as alleging Jobs was assassinated by the government who has been in the backseat of Apple since the hiring of ex Cyber Security from NSA which kind of does match the whistle blowers info out there about the domestic spying abuses against citizens including the current president for personal gain or investment interests carried out by agencies with zero over sight from DOJ or the office of the inspectors General,

But regardless if any of this is true or really spread miss information to smear america its just shows the lack of trust people have with Apple and all these sketchy data recovery apps that require you to be online to use them.


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I think you need to splash some cold water on your face ;-}

All you're seeing here is a company that under big Tim has become more aggressive in hiding its code and limiting equipment service to its self.

I use a few of these apps and I don't need be online to use them. This gets into if you are buying a standalone app or a cloud based app. As an example MS Office can be bought as either as installed app on your drive (no network access at all) or as a service via cloud.

This is the direction many software companies are going. Just like your music or video feeds.


@danj you need to find a women,

Of course companies will go the direction most profitable, but im just saying that T$m Cr00k will and has openly ventured into illegal areas that have not yet been addressed by our US or international courts ,

He is a pro at it, for example, while with Jobs he was the one flying to China visiting child slave factories and arranging shipments of 3,4 quarter batches of devices to contain toxic cheap parts assembled by child slave factories., more cuts more profits and its true, Apple has been fined over and over and they dont mind paying the fines as Mr$ Crook has learned that paying the fines is also more profitable then recalls, paying class action law suites off etc cause Apple makes $350 million an hour from all this itself,

BTW did you know that Catalina has a backdoor as wide as Opra's fat tush just begging for a justification to get your device bricked remotely, some times for as little reasons as some random p0rn advert appearing on a webpage while your browsing netflix.


First, I have a mate and she keeps be well grounded and I have two dogs. It sounds like you need one of each ;-}

This is not a political blog and we really don't like slamming people no matter who they are. So please let's not travel down this path. I understand your anger and frustration. Thats why we are fighting hard for the Right to Repair

Please help push it! What you are seeing is the seeds of our efforts sprouting! The movement is alive and well but it needs bodies behind it screaming at the local and regional politicians to alter the laws of the land.


BTW i thought the RIGHT TO REPAIR movement already succeeded with new laws that will require manufactures to create innovative products that are mod like repairable (hard drives, cameras, memory upgrades etc) no?

At least in Europe its states;

New EU rules that could mark the end of 'throwaway culture' and e-waste will force tech companies including Apple and Samsung to make products that last longer and are easy to repair




No Right to Repair here in the US is still not locked in and even the EU its not. All you've seen is the dialog and proposed laws, nothing has been made the law of the land. Thats why its important to keep the pressure on!




Catalina, together with the APFS file structure, has been a NIGHTMARE.

I assume that you have run Disk Utility from an external drive, the restore partition (command-R boot) or an internet boot (command-option-R)? If so, what error messages did you receive, if any?

If the drive passes the Disk Utility testing, there is probably a software issue and you can reinstall the OS from the restore partition or an internet boot. HOWEVER, if this occurred IMMEDIATELY following an attempt to install Catalina chances are the install and accompanying restructuring of the drive went sideways and you will probably never get it to run correctly again without reinitializing the drive (APFS) and doing a clean reinstall of the OS.

This has been our experience in the office dealing with a LOT of these systems in an area where the internet connections are sub-standard at best.


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Can we start with those in the know...what exactly DOES Disk Utility or fsck actually DO?


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Apple's supplied Disk Utility:

* Repairing drive issues (disk first-aid)

* Formatting, mounting, un-mounting, and ejecting disks.

* Partitioning of drives, plus many other functions

DiskWarrior resolves existing disk damage by rebuilding your HFS+ disk directory, doesn't work on APFS volumes yet.


I wasn't clear enough, sorry. What does Disk First Aid do?


@Greg Patt - It fixes disk corruption issues


But DFA fixes disk corruption in a way different than Disk Warrior does (Rebuilds the directory)? Does DFA rebuild the corrupt directory?


Here's a good explanation of fsck:




Has the situation improved? Did apple release the full spec?


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No. DW is still out of business because Apple has not released those specs. It seems they are putting all of their eggs in the Disk First Aid program. I have heard that the new APSF format does not create a catalog that has to be rebuilt. That is what DW did so didn't need it. I have not been able to verify that with any technical expert.

Now, given all that, I have had to create a problem diagnosis and maintenance routine and here, so far is what I have settled on:

I have created a TEST account. This allows me to log in with a relatively virgin software ballfield. If the problem still exists, it is hardware based.

If the TEST account fixes the problem then:

1- Restart

2 - Run Disk First Aid from Recovery mode.

3 - Run Cocktail to clean caches and rebuild databases

4- Restart and Zap the PRAM (NVRAM)

5- Reload totally new OS from the Apple Restore avenue if still not fixed

6- The nuclear option if it seems to be a hardware problem, is to totally reformat the drive and start again with a virgin OS install




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