Remove Noise Canceling hardware

I have a pair of House of Marley TTR Destiny Noise canceling headphones that cannot work without the noise cancellation turned on. They generate this audible hiss that ruins the sound reproduction but are very well reviewed for sound quality and are built very well.

Rather than return them (the store doesn’t have much else I want), is there a way that I can remove the noise canceling parts and have them be regular headphones?

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Sounds like a defective unit. Have you tried exchanging them?

What happens when you take the batteries out?


It's a design flaw. The headphones don't work without the noise canceling enabled or batteries installed. They're designed like that. The hiss has been reported by many reviewers as a mild annoyance but I'm more sensitive to it that them it seems. I like them overall so if I can mod them I'll keep them rather than return. Ps I don't live in the US so good headphones are hard to come by.


Try them without the batteries installed! Most noise canceling headphones work without the noise canceling logic powered. Is that any better?

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