Nikon d3300 flash not working properly, help

I need to know what is the problem with my camera, if it is something I can fix myself or if my camera is broken and needs repair.

I used the camera in the first day on auto mode and it was fine, the flash would fire in every single in door shot as I can remember and the photo quality would be nice, sadly I don't have photos from that time to show as an example.

Now, in the second day, I picked the camera up and suddenly the flash doesn't fire consistently, not in auto mode or any other mode, also when it does fire it has exposure problems, the photos are all white or black as I can show you in the examples below.

All shots were taken to the same subject and same distance. The four first shots are in Auto Mode and the other four are in manual mode.

Settings are ( Image Quality: Normal; Image Size: Large; White Balance: Auto; Flash Mode: Fill; ISO: 100; Focus Mode: Single-servo AF; AF-area mode: Wide-area AF; Metering: Matrix Metering; Flash Compensation: 0; Exposure Compensation: 0; Shutter Speed 1/50; Aperture f18;

I would appreciate any help and would also like to ask for you to simplify or explain in detail your solutions since I'm quite new to photography.

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