iPhone X - Turns off after 2 mins but NOT on lock screen-not autolock

I recently performed a replacement of an iPhone X LCD + Rear Frame Assembly. The device maintains power when turned on. However, once you enter the devices passcode it will turn off within 1-2 minutes. Autolock is set to 5 minutes. It is definitely charging. Kind of at a loss. I did confirm that it will stay on as long as you dont enter the passcode. I tested this by entering code accessing OS, pushing the power button, pushing it again and waiting on the lock screen for it to turn off. FaceID is working.

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Did you transfer everything from the old housing to the replacement one? Also did you transfer the front camera over as well. The iPhone x doesn’t like parts with the wrong serial numbers.


Im going to retry with all the original flexs and update this once done, the frame came preassembled. Iv done one X before (no issues with preassembled parts) but this time used a different vendor. I disconnected all the flex cables from the device one by one until I was down to two LCD connecters, battery and chargeport connecter. So Im thinking its either board or chargeport or something attached to the assembly there. Wish me luck...