In June 2017 Apple updated its 13" MacBook Air with a newer Broadwell Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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My MacBook air won’t turn on! Charging fine?

Today I went to use my mac book air and it didn’t turn on. I thought it might be dead and I connected it to the charger. The charger orange light turned on fine but the laptop didn’t respond at all. No sounds no nothing. I tired the basic tricks and the orange light turned green for a few seconds and that’s it. The screen hasn’t lit up once. I 100% haven’t spilled anything on my laptop! So confused. The last time I used I connected a hard drive for the first time is that the problem? Is there any hope?

Ps I’m about 500 km from any Apple store.

Update (12/21/2018)

I bought it late 2016. I will try charging it and see what happens and see if that works. I’ve tried pressing the botton for 10 seconds and then turning it on then trying once more with charger it’s still none responsive.

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What is your purchase date?



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Trying for a spontaneous reboot. To do this unplug the battery and MagSafe. Press and hold the power button for ten-seconds. Hook up the battery and then Mag-Safe. You should get a spontaneous reboot.

Stay with us on this as even though you may be far from an Apple Store you are eligible for a flat rate repair. Depending when you bought it you may also be eligible for warranty service and you do have a FedEx service where you live? That’s what Apple uses when you are not close to a store or ASP.


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The Amber MagSafe connector implies the battery needs to be charged. It needs to get to Green for a fully charged battery (give it a good 20 hrs).

If the MagSafe never gets to Green or has a dim green MagSafe connector thats a sign of a problem within your systems charging logic. Your system is too new to need a new battery.

Did you have a liquid spill or sit the system down on a wet surface?

Do you have AppleCare+? If you do, you should get it to an Apple Store or authorized service center.

While it maybe distant this could be quite costly to fix.


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Thank you I will give that a try


It’s now green still nothing unfortunately


Check your warranty status and if you have AppleCare+ give Apple a call for a shipping box.

If not covered time to make a visit ;-{ As I've found that works better to push for a warranty exception. But, the system can't have any liquid or physical damage.




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