Rpm acting wonky. The "D" on instrument cluster goes out at the same t

Have a lincoln mkt 2011. Randomly (several times a month) while I'm driving the rpm jumps and drops and acts like its gonna lose power. Just today it did it but made a sound like when u step on the gas and you hear it rev up but doesn't go anywhere? All the while the “ D “ on the instrument cluster goes out. Like its no longer lit to tell me/I'm in Drive. It freaks me out cause its happened on the freeway…rpm acting wonky, feeling like it might turn off, and the light for drive on the cluster goes out/ its no longer lit… its happened going 20 over train tracks…happened while making turns on roads… sigh. Ive taken it to lincoln dealership several times and they cant find a problem. Recently had spark plugs replaced..had work on transmission done too. I thought changing plugs would solve problem but no. I don't wanna throw money at the dealership anymore since they gotta replicate the problem to diagnose it?? and since it doesn't occur daily… hope i make sense.

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