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820-2610-A : R5852 missing component?

Hello everyone,

if you have any idea where i should be looking for i am into it :)

i have no keyboard backlight, i have the trackpad detected ( no fan spinning like crazy ) but no button click and no movement detection; sometimes the trackpad seems a bit crazy when i am typing an internet adress, it does not move but clicks behind where i am typing and stays in the top left corner.

The webcam also does not work.

Keyboard, bluetooth, wifi works fine, the computer does not run hot.

The hardware components are fine, i changed the motherboard and the old one has no problem.

The new motherboard i have had liquid spill and the “tech” guy tried to take off oxydation… with fuel. I soldered back some components, and i have the older motherboard to compare.

That is why i am looking on the motherboard a missing or oxydated component: i was looking up the R5852, it seems missing on my new motherboard; weird thing, it is missing on my good one too. the good one does not start anymore because i killed it with a bad magsafe.

Maybe i soldered back my R5142 bad also.

If you could tell me what voltage i should look for and where, i would be eternally thankful.

Thanks a lot :)

here are some pics of what is missing!

Block Image

Block Image

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yanndetrie  this is only to answer your question about the component. R5852 is a “No Stuff” component. That means there isn’t one. It means that no components will be placed at that location on the board. To clarify in case this is unclear: There is no component that goes there.


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thank you so much :) any leads on where to start searching for my problems ( no keyboard backlight, no webcam, no trackpad ) ? thanks a lot




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