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2014年9月19日に発売されたこのiPhoneは4.7インチのスクリーンサイズでiPhone 6 Plusの縮小版です。

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Long screw damage problem

Hi, i have same problem.the screw which i took from stand off hole cant be fitted again(the screw which is in top left) i assembled it without that itunes detects it and even show battery percentage but still black screen,receiving calls would vibrate with no sound,,silent/general toggle switch doesn't change state...pleases help

Update (08/29/2018)

There were no visible damage in motherboard...even the rubber casing on small components have not been i hope there were no damage in hardware externally...but when i look inside left bottom screw tracks are visible but they doesn't seem to be this possibly be a long screw damage...because my iphone still receive calls ...only display and touchscreen is not planing to swap display by this weak end and ill update that anyone facing the symptoms will be helped....will a long screw damage will result in above symptoms?

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Long screw damage iPhone 6 can break the LCM lines inside the board and cause no image.

You may have also caused a backlight failure when replacing the screen without disconnecting the battery first.

So assuming you tried with a known good screen that was tested working with a different device, you can conclude that you have board level failure. This board level failure can be backlight failure as well as long screw damage (most likely the latter). Or both if you are unlucky.


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