Screen going in n out

I actually have the Kyocera hydro model number c6743 the screen goes on n off n I have to push the back of the phone to get the screen back on n hold it for it to stay on but it sometimes does not always work n it gets worse when watching a video or listening to music. Like right now it's fine but as soon as I watch a video or even when texting it goes off to a very faint screen or a black screen but as soon as I find the what I called a sweet spot it goes back on but it doesn't always work n if it does I need to try my best to keep it in the right spot. Has anyone ever had this problem n do u think I can save my phone or is it done for. Cause my phone company can't give me answers n wants to send me a cheap smaller phone for free n I'm not down with that cause I would rather deal with my half life phone.

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