Trimmer stalls and jerks like hitting something

Trimmer starts and runs fine, cuts well, but after several minutes will jerk and stall and it feels like you hit something. Will restart and run and will do it again...will do it multiple times during use . Filters clean, new plug, new fuel clean oil, and only use a jump start do not use the pull starter . It actually jerks hard and even when not cutting and just running it will do the same thing .This is my second Troy-bilt and both ran fine, first one pull start broke and used jump starter, it ran fine started doing what this one is doing, bought this one because other one not reliable , and now this one is doing the same thing , older one is a curved shaft this one a straight shaft...Help, gets frustrating while using .

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Jump start is great if you aren't far from an electrical outlet. It gets rough when you are cutting a good ways from electricity and the trimmer dies on you. (I have the Jump Start which plugs in.)

For some reason Troy Bilt didn't incorporate the Jump Start connection in their lawn mowers, it's only in their string trimmers. This is a hugely wasted opportunity.