Released February 2016, the Vivo 5 features a full metal body—a first for a BLU phone.

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Cellular network not detected and invalid sim card

I bought phone because is was compatible with Sprint it's saying sim locked and network not found

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Did you put in a unlocked or locked sim card cause that can matter. Check your carrier to make sure you are using their correct sim card designed for unlocked phone.


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How do u get the Sim card unlock code for metro phone


Well it is not a code but a completely separate sim card designed for unlocked phones. Most likely you will need to switch plans but talk to your carrier as I do not know how metro manages their plans. You will need a GSM sim card to be able to use this BLU phone and any other unlocked phone. By the looks of it I think you are on a plan that will most likely charge you a hefty fee changing from a locked phone to an unlocked phone but still talk to your carrier and make sure about this situation before you throw a bunch of money away.




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