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touching battery connector switched phone off

I replaced my old battery with teared connector (cut off)

with a brand new battery, my new battery “connector” is acting weird causing my nexus 5 switched off every time i pressed on it particularly!?

as shown in your Nexus 5 Battery Replacement

I’m very upset and don’t know why pressing the connector makes phone goes off.

I've made a daily solution (piece of thick paper) to prevent myself or any outer knocks that making the connector been touched.

but still suffering of switching off my phone because of this issue.

please, give my any solution solving this issue.


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Either battery connector is damaged or the connector on the battery is of bad quality / defective.

I wonder if a thick piece of adhesive foam will stop the issue from occuring.


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Thanks @benjamen50

but I guess battery connector causes the issue because it acts the same thing in the old battery.

Regarding the piece that prevent touching it, i made something similar and it works ok, but sometimes it goes off from shakes or putting it in my trouser pocket.

And if it is damaged how it works, of course "without touching it". Is there any other solution. Thanks




Ali Hussein さん、ありがとうございました!

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