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Replace factory speakers with Mac / other higher quality speakers

I would like to replace my Dell XPS 9560 speakers with a set of Mac Pro speakers or other high quality speakers.

Does anyone know of the compatability? I'm guessing I can rewire them as I doubt they will be plug and play with the Apple hardware.

The factory Dell speakers are awful, and while i'm planning on buying a sound system and mainly use my laptop at home and office, it would be nice to have and a good project to take on.


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There's more to it than popping in a another pair of speakers!

First the size of the speaker would need to match, then you would need to fit it within the sound box of your system. By the time you did all of this the sound wound't be any better! As the speaker is not the real issue its the sound box design!

OK, what to do?? I would just get a UE Boom2. I can tell you they are still better than the MacBook Pro has for speakers!


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Hey Dan,

I see, makes sense with the soundbox design idea. I've looked at that speaker, it's pretty sexy and supposed to sound great.

I guess i'll go for that and find anoother project!






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