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モデル番号 A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7プロセッサ

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Is the Logic Board on my iMac identical to the i5 2.9GHz model?


I want to replace my Logic Board, but can only find the board from an i5 2.9 GHz model.

I have checked the spec on and it seems to be exactly the same except fitted with a different CPU.

So the question is, if I buy this replacement board and swap over the CPU, am I getting the same spec board. The only differences I can see are the L2/L3 cache, which I assume is in the CPU. So that wouldn't matter, would it ?

It's a fair bit of money so I want to get it right.

Thanks for any help

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Can you explain a bit more here why you want to replace the logic board? Do you have a logic board failure? Or are you trying to improve your CPU?

Be aware some 21.5" 2012 boards have soldered CPU's and the blade SSD slot and the supporting hardware can be missing! As an example you can see in the image the slot is not present just above the ports: iMac Teardown


Hi Dan, my current Logic Board is kaput, burnt out. This i5 board I'm looking at has the CPU already removed, and has the socket for the blade SSD attached. This is clear from the photo. The seller is telling me that the board is identical to the i7 board.

As I said above the only difference I can see in the specs from the everymac web site is the L2/L3 cache. I believe this is part of the CPU so not relevant.

I look forward to all help and comments,

thank you


Sounds like yours was a soldered CPU so you can't swap out the CPU, bummer!


Cheers Dan, already have the Thermal Paste. Will post the result eventually.



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So to answer your question: The logic boards are the same within the series (iMac13,1) the only differences are some have soldered CPU's Vs socketed CPU's and the low end models are missing the SSD slot and hardware (HD only models).

So as long as the logic board is socketed you can place a replacement CPU that was intended for this series: iMac13,1.

Don't forget to get thermal paste and cleaner:

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