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System crash white screen with horizontal bars

System crashes. It tries to reboot but gets locked on white screen with horizontal lines and apple logo, and a semi complete loading bar. This is a persistent problem now.

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Try booting into Safe Mode by holding down the Shift key on start up. Next try booting from the Repair Partition by holding down the Option key on start up and selecting the repair boot. Let us know your results. If the boot is ok in Safe Mode I would run a good (Paid For) anti-virus from and external boot source.


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May need to boot up under an external drive.

Is this the original Apple SSD or did you upgrade? If you did, who's did you put in?


This is the original, stock machine.


I tried safe mode, and I also tried your suggestion to reboot from the repair partition. I rebooted while holding down the Option key and it brought me to a screen that had an icon labeled "Macintosh HD" (which is my usual boot HD), and there was also a menu of the available wifi networks. The only HD selection available was the "Macintosh HD" -- there was no "repair boot" to select. I selected the Macintosh HD just so I could move forward with the reboot. After a few minutes the crash occurred, as it always does.

The system works well enough for light loads. But any pro software, such as music or video production leads to the crash. I can't seem to attach a photo here, but the screen is grey/white with many tiny horizontal bars. There are also a few evenly spaced vertical bands on the screen as well. If I hold the power button for a few seconds the machine will turn off. If I let it cool for a while and then power it back up it will work fine again until I run an intensive program.


If the repair partition is missing, the system was not installed correctly. Do a reinstall from and external USB drive.


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