The Nissan Altima is a mid-size automobile manufactured by Nissan, and is arguably a continuation of the Nissan Bluebird line, which began in 1957.

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I might have let the oil go inside the cylinder s while taking sparkpg

Hello there and thanks in advance,

Recently my mechanic change the valve cover gasket and he didn’t mention that I need to change the whole valve cover . Thanks to all the online help I decided to do it on my own but I made a big mistake

There was a lot of oil in all the spark plugs well . I cleaned a little bit but then I took the spot plugs out Without realizing that the oil really get into the cylinder .

Can anybody tell me what should I do should I try to take a paper napkin and try to clean the cylinder or what should I do thank you for your help

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First, remove all the spark plugs. Turn the engine over for a few seconds with a rag over the spark plug holes (so the oil doesn't go all over the place. Without the plugs in it will turn over pretty fast, forcing the oil and any dust or anything out the hole. Clean the plugs with brake parts cleaner or something similar. Replace all the plugs and wires. Start the engine. It should start up relatively easy. It will smoke a bit for a few minutes, as it burns off the oil that was left. That won't hurt anything. After all is done, clean up the engine and you are done.

Good luck.


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Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question , I would really appreciate that if you can clarify on a few things . As I am putting in a new valve cover new spark plugs and new ignition coil‘s , Am i supposed to take one spark plug at a time or should I take all the IV and start the car with the rag in the hole .

Once again I’m really thankful for your help in this matter really helps me out


Take all four out before you take the old valve cover off and roll the engine with the starter. You'll want to use a rag to cover the hole, but not in it. The rag will probably blow off, but it should help keep alot of the oil from blowing all over. When you feel the cylinders are sufficiently cleared, change the valve cover, put in the new plugs and then ignition coils and plug them in. Reassemble any things that you took apart to get to the valve cover and start the engine. Should start up right off. A little advice; when you first turn the key on after all is reassembled, don't start right away. Allow it to sit for a few seconds so the fuel pressure comes up. When you do start it, turn the key and hold it until the engine starts. This will prevent the cylinders from flooding. If it doesn't start within a couple minutes, turn off and check all your wires. With new plugs and ignition coils, it should start right away.


Again, it will smoke for a bit. No worries; let it run until the smoke clears and your all set.



I had a plug that was getting tighter as it came out and I sprayed a bunch of penetrating oil in there to free it.  The plug finally came out after letting the oil do its work, then tightened down again and let sit for a couple hours.  After that it came out nicely but went glub, glub, glub into the cylinder.

I knew it wasn’t a major deal and would smoke off but did have a little bit of plastic tubing in the garage, duct taped to the shop vac and got the tube down into the cylinder, and sucked most of it out.

A little smoke but I’m sure if I hadn’t done that someone might have called the fire department!


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