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Vespa gas has been sit5ing a year

My Vespa has been sitting a year and has old gas and oil. I have 5o get a new battery to get it running. As for the old gas, is there an additive I can put in then fill with new gas?

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All you need to add to fuel to refresh it is fresh fuel. Just add a litre of fresh fuel and the old stuff will perk back up again. Unless it has water in it, then you will need to flush it out.


I too have a vespa that sat for many years, I removed the carb and drained the gas, replaced the fuel tap, cleaned the carb and jets reassembled and still have an issue when I accelerate. The scooter stars first try but bogs out on acceleration.


Did you change out your filter? Also did you make sure you tuned it correctly. If it is a two stroke, did you take off the exhaust manifold and clean all the carbon out? As this tends to sludge it up.



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@liz1954 worst case scenario you just have to drain the tank and clean the carb. If you let us know what model your Vespa is we might have more information for you.


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