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Spilled water but now it’s ok?

I spilled water on my MacBook Air and took it to the apple store. The fans were running at high speed, it was running slow, the keyboard wouldn’t light up the power button wouldn’t work and it would only work when plugging in the charger. Apple said it was corroded under the trackpad and it needed a new battery and new top case. However it’s now working fine after a few days and the diagnostics state no problems. How long will it last?

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While the water (H2O) evaporated there is other stuff in water which is now coating your parts. Tap water, spring & rain water have minerals which can corrode as well as damage parts. Apple won't fix most water damaged devices but an independent shop will often clean things but will not over much of a warranty of the repairs.

If you have the time and patience you could do it. The trick is to use distilled water to dissolve the minerals back into the water. As distilled water is pure water it won't cause any problems. There are a couple of ways to clean: Spot treatment or a full immersion of the discreet parts. Some parts can't be dipped into a tub of water like the keyboard, trackpad and the display. But, the logic board can be. Once you've clean things let them dry fully before you power things up

For now I do recommend you disconnect the battery.


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