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Will not Connect to Network

As of a couple of days ago, my HP will only connect to WiFi in my home but not when the Ethernet cord is plugged in. I make sure the WiFi is off when trying to connect hardwired. There aren't any networks found. I have tried a system restore, removing the battery for 30 minutes but this did not resolve the issue.

I use my laptop for work and I cannot be connected wireless. I need to be hardwired. Does anyone know why my HP won't connect when hard-wired?

By the way, there is no damage to the Ethernet cord or the port.

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Do you have another Ethernet device which is working with the same port & cable? Does the port have a link light? If it does is it blinking?

I would still try a different port on the hub and cable if you don't have a second device to verify. Sometimes the damage is not visible.

You may need to go into the Windows network settings to see if the Ethernet device drivers are loading


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Yes I also tried a different Ethernet cord and yes there is a light. I don't have the Ethernet cord in now to see if the light was blinking or not. I will follow up about this. The drivers showed as well.




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