Mid 2009 モデル番号A1278 / 2.26、2.53 GHz Core 2 DuoプロセッサーEMC 2326

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Is there a trackpad replacement guide for this model?

I water-damaged my trackpad - it tracks but it doesn't click. I ordered the replacement part from ifixit, but I can't find the instructions for actually doing it.

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Would you give us the part number you ordered?



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Follow the instructions here on ifixit for removing the battery and do so. You will find the trackpad below the battery.

Depending on your model of trackpad it will be held in place by 3 or 4 screws on the left and right.

Remove those screw (you will need an 00 tri-wing screwdriver) Once you have removed the screws it lifts out of the case. Remember to remove the cable attaching it to the logic board.

Install the new trackpad in the opposite order from which you removed it and reinstall the battery. You should be good to go. Just don't lose any of the little screws.

Good luck


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Does it matter "which side up" the little rectangular holding brackets go?


There is apparently a sort of "plug" that provides a contact point for the metal circle. It screws into a threaded hole in the chassis. But my plug is missing and I can see right through the threaded hole, down to the metal circle with the tape over it.

I think this "plug" is needed to make the thing click. There is a similar plug on a 13" item, but on my 15" A1286 pro, the plug is gone!!!

How can I get one of these plugs? And if there's a better name for it, please advise!


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If it tracks but doens't click it's an easy fix and you don't need parts.

You need to remove the trackpad and you will find that there's a metal circle covered with tape where it should click.

If you remove the tape (don't fully remove it just peel it slightly to expose the contacts) you can scratch off the golden contacts on the trackpad and clean off the contacts from the metal circle (this is what makes the trackpad click)

Once cleaned and shiny again reassemble it and it'll work.


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