Location of FM limiter on MB

TLDR: iPhone Bluetooth -> Jabra Cruiser2 -> FM radio = weak/staticky signal... please help!

Can anyone point out what it is I need to disconnect or improve upon on the Jabra Cruiser2 in order to get a stronger FM transmission? It is incredibly weak. Even located mere inches from my antenna the result is weak and static-ridden.

I've tried many stations, the only thing that consistently helps is acting as a signal amplifier by gripping around the unit with my hand. I've been meaning to use a soldering iron anyway ;)

Thanks in advance!

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Product info: Jabra Cruiser2

Support page: Jabra Cruiser2 - Support


Before you open the unit how about contacting Jabra to see what they say.

This could be a power issue or the transmitter logic problem. You'll need the schematics to work it out. Do you know how to read them and measure the values?


Well thank you for the speedy response! That’s unexpected! I wouldn’t know what’s to do with any schematic but Ignite I ever get around Ron contacting Jabra I will let you know. Thanks again :)