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How do you repair torn ground foil on the logic board?

Just received the new logic board for my 5.5 and was able to take everything apart following the how-to document. My only issue was that the Foil removal from the old bard and re-install on the new board was not discussed...or I missed it. Of course I was not careful enough and the the thin lead that goes to the case for ground has torn.

How do I fix it?

As a dosumentation suggestion:

Looks like either here:

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Logic Board Replacement

or at Step 19 (Or new Step 20), we need to instruct on how to remove said foil.

I found that after mistakenly pulling the ground tab piece (which casued the foil break) that peeling up on the round (white underlayment) from the base-end of the logic board is the best method as it does not put stress on the foil itself.

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mbivona, I actually used my old foil as a pattern and got some aluminium foil from the local grocery store and cut it to fit and used some glue, not crazy glue but a non running fabric glue, and put it in place. Worked well for me. Good luck


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I don't think you even need to ground that. It can work without ground.


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mbivona さん、ありがとうございました!

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