My beats has a rare problem, how to fix?

When I power up my beats studio, the only thing that happens is that the light indicator on the left ear is blinking. No other lights. No sound. But I can still connect to the headphones via bluetooth.

I've tried those reseting formulas, they do reset but after i've done that, it's the same problem. Very strange problem but please help!

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j'ai le même problème que vous, je pense que ça doit être un problème de batterie ou de carte mère.


I have the same problem as you, I think it must be a battery or motherboard problem.


The problem occurred when I used the headphones in the rain, I disassemble the right side then clean the motherboard, the headset worked for an hour but the problem is suddenly returned. So I do not know if the battery can be involved


Yes exactly what happened to me. I used them in the rain and after they just didnt work anymore.


This is almost certainly a motherboard issue. Try replacing batteries or using a different aux cord.