Problem with my Saturn

Hey, I have a problem with my Saturn. When I first turn on the console it'll play well without problems but when I go to put in a different game I start getting some problems. When an another game is inserted, I get horizontal lines coming through the screen, this is how it looks.

Block Image

(You can't really see it well in a picture, it's more prevalent in person)

Normally when this comes up the game doesn't load up. If I leave the console switched off for several hours or a day it'll work until I go to play a different game. I have a PAL console model 1 and I use a SCART cable. I tried replacing the SCART cable with no results, I also cleaned the inside of the console and the laser lens and tried moving up the spindle and I still get the problem. Does anybody know what is causing this? Does the laser or psu need to be fixed/replaced? Should I just buy myself a new Saturn? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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