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High-end gaming laptops produced by Alienware (a subsidiary of Dell since 2006).

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My touchpad coating is wearing off, how do I replace it?

Hello fellow techs, I have an Alienware 14 I got in 2014 that's had no problems till now. There seems to be a coating of some sort on the touchpad that has recently started to scratch off. I'm away that I could replace the entire touchpad surface, but I was wondering if there is a way to reapply the coating that covers the touchpad sensor. Any insights?

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If the coating is something that peels off piece by piece, not only will taking the existing coating be a huge pain, there is almost no chance of getting a legitimate Alienware touchpad coating, as it is something very specific. Your best bet would be replacing the touchpad or finding your own kind of 3rd party coating that you can cut to the size of your touchpad. This is a guide that shows you how.


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