Housing / clips to hold ram

I upgraded the ram in my mid 2010 macbook about a year ago. Recently screws worked their way loose and computer has been crashing randomly. Opened up the back and found that the housing / clips to hold the ram in place seem to be broken. Can't find anywhere on line to buy a replacement and in fact don't even know what that piece would be called. Warranty is obviously expired and would like to avoid a super costly repair. In addition, i live out in the sticks and the nearest apple store is several hours away. Advice / help greatly appreciated!

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Can you please attach a picture of the problem? I am trying to picture it in my mind but I am not sure by what you mean by the housing.


I agree with Ben we need to see photos of the issue. Also you stand "screws worked their way loose", what screws are loose? Maybe I can relate as I may have a few loose screws myself ;-)