removing fuse 60 eliminates front end vibration and brake vibrations

my 2005 dodge dakota vibrate at 60-65 miles per hour only. Also vibrates when applying the brakes. Removing fuse 60 stops the vibration. Does this indicate I am bypassing a potential anti lock brake, or bad brake line, or sticking caliper, or bad rotor problem.

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marinecorps1980 just having had a chance to glance over some of the wiring diagram, it looks like you are having issues with the anti lock brake. The rest of your brake system looks more hydromechanic than electronics so it should no be effected in that way.


Thank you for the Reply and your time, I am a disabled Marine Beirut Veteran and have limitations to what I can do on a my own. One more question please. If the fuse is out, does this imply my anti=lock brakes are not active. I should have looked at the error code before it was cleared. I just purchased the truck this week and the seller made me aware of this issue upfront. Please advise to my next course of action. Regards