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My trackpad barely reacts to clicking, onyl "touch" clicking

So, I noticed this problem a couple of days ago when I was on facebook with my mac. I was pressing the home icon on facebook but the mac did not respond. I then pressed really hard (mechanical click) and it worked.. this keeps happening all the time.

The "touch" click works perfectly but the mechanical click is almost non-responsive. It really annoys me because I like using photoshop with the trackpad but because of this problem, click and drag etc, is more or less impossible.

Do any of you have any suggestions on what could be wrong with it?

I have never spilled anything in it, never dropped it on the ground or so on. I've always been really careful with it.

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I appreciate all response!


I might really help to know exactly which MacBook Pro you have as trackpad technology has changed recently.


Well, I got it when I was about 15 and now I'm 18, so in 2013 ca. I believe it's a Macbook Pro 13", (A1278)


Please don't guess. Go here and enter your serial number, it's either in fine print on the back or if your battery is removable in the battery compartment or under the Apple in "about this Mac":

Also please unaccept the answer until your problem is resolved.



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I am sure your battery is going bad. Is swelling and pushing in to the trackpad, causing the trackpad click to be unresponsive and you need to push harder on it. A new battery will fix this problem.


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Thank you! I will try sending it in for repair and hopefully this will solve the issue. This mac has lasted me quite a bit and a lot longer than my other computers. It's a trustworthy "comapnion" hahah


They are very good computer and they are made to last. Let me know after you get the computer back how the trackpad is working.


I will! thank you so much!




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