The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is an Android 2.2-powered smartphone with a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and 1 GHz processor.

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Why won't my phone let me back in after a reset?

I reset my phone and now it keeps saying that 'Unfortunately, Google Account Manager has stopped', along with a few other apps. It won't let me get past the language selection.

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Software corrupt. You will need to restore the firmware either via Samsung Kies (application) or by downloading the Firmware from Sammobile and flashing it using a program called ODIN with the device connected to your computer.

Note: You can download Samsung Kies from here:

You can restore the software on your phone via Samsung Kies. If I can remember you do it via Tools > Firmware upgrade and initialization. This will prompt you to enter the model number and the serial number of the phone which is usually at the back of the phone or in the battery compartment.

If the Samsung Kies method does not allow you to download the firmware for your phone then you'll have to go to where you type your model number of your phone to find the firmware for your phone. Make sure you choose latest version to the network it was mainly with.

Samfirmware instructions (After the file has finished downloading):

  1. Extract (unzip) the firmware file
  2. Download Odin v3.10.7
  3. Extract Odin ZIP file
  4. Open Odin v3.10.7
  5. Reboot Phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
  6. Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
  7. Add the firmware file to AP / PDA
  8. Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
  9. Click the start button, sit back and wait few minutes
  10. Before moving to step 11, you may want for it to get to the welcome screen as it sets up the phone.
  11. Wait until it says pass. It is then safe to unplug after that.


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Idk why I want let me back in


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I have reset my Samsung galaxy j5 its come on to where it says welcome I press the arrow but it keeps popping up WiFi it won't let me press next to clear all the data on the phone with out a WiFi password why ?


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