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dropped phone in water now camera doesnt work

I was waking up to answer a text and my phone slipped off my bed and fell into a half full glass of water. I immediately took the phone out and dried it off I took the back piece off and let it air dry cause there was no immediate problems then I get up to use the bathroom I come back and my phone shut down. I turned it back on placed it in rice it turned on fine but now the camera doesn't work and the apps that involve the camera don't work either. what should I do? please help greatly appreciated

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I dropped my phone in my tub of water and the screen immediately filled with water. I fixed that problem for a few nights by letting it air dry but there are still some watermarks in the top left corner that I don't really mind. My problem is that, my camera and any other apps that are provided with camera scripts have all gone black screened and pop up such things as "Warning Camera failed!". I have a Samsung (Galaxy J3 prime.) If anyone has any ideas on how I can fix this, please reply or shoot me an email at tbbrowsbaby1000@gmail.com and I'll make sure to reply with a big thanks!


Can you please send it to me too

I have the same problem


Basically I dropped my phone in the bath and it was hot water. Everything works fine except the front camera the top of it is white and when I use it it makes pictures blurry. Can I fix this myself?


I honestly do not know....I came on here for an answer.


Mine works on and off after my first cat dropped it in the tub, then after my camera started working a bit my new cat spilled water on it. Rice worked but now my camera works on and off, I can't use it sometimes and I have to wait overnight to use it. I did everything google said. If you have a solution and went through this somewhat please tell me.






@luna24 couple of things you will have to do. first, skip the rice. It is an absolute myth to use rice. It will not repair your phone, it will not stop corrosion or prevent shortcircuits. You will have to disassemble your phone. Use this guide for some help with that. Then you will have to clean everything with isopropyl alcohol. Remember to remove all EMI shields from your circuit board. Use this guide for some idea on how to clean. It was written for an iPhone but all the points are still pertinent to your phone as well. After a proper cleaning, replace the batter. Then reassemble your phone and re-evaluate. Of course, best course of action would be an ultrasonic cleaning. So if you have that available, use that instead. Until your phone is properly cleaned, it is very difficult to trouble shoot. Remember that water damage is the hardest to diagnose and to repair since virtually any part may have failed.






1 - 2 hours

Samsung Galaxy Grand Glass and Digitizerの画像


Samsung Galaxy Grand Glass and Digitizer Replacement



20 - 45 minutes


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can I use nail polish remover alcohol?


Hi @ ashley widjaja.




Nail polish remover is mostly Acetone.

This will strip the systemboard of its coating and damage the tracks and render it inoperable.

If you can't find any 99.9%+ Isopropyl Alcohol (try electronics parts stores - it is not expensive) then try using a 'rubbing" alcohol product which has the highest % IPA that you can find and contains no "added ingredients" such as scents etc. Some rubbing alcohol products are 70 % IPA and water but it is better than nothing


I have an LGk8x, I dropped the top of it in the water and the caught it, the only part that went under was my cameras. at first both of my cameras were working fine, then neither of them started working, and now only the back one works. I've tried everything to fix the front camera but it still wont work, its not a black screen when i flip the camera it just shows through the back camera. Like if I flip my camera to where i want to take a selfie then it just doesnt flip and still shows through my back camera.


All I know is that I am not taking my phone apart unless I am with a professional. Don't attempt to take apart your phone. Try to go to the place you bought your phone and let them fix it. If not, Just get a whole new phone. Also, Try to soak it in rice in a glass container for over 24 to 47 Hours. If the condition is still the same. Get a professional.



For those who have intermittent camera after a fall/drop: TAKE case off and any accessory such as S pen. Get hair dryer, concentrate on the back top because that's where you will gently pry open with a thin pvc nfc ( or similar) card, guitar pick, or other pry tool. You need to continue applying heat, until your pried enough of the cover up to see and press the camera ribbon cable end down to make sure it's not lose. It doesn't have to be snug to sometimes work. I've done thru that with a Samsung.

Currently, I've a Galaxy Note 9 that's *supposedly* rated highly water resistant and can withstand up to 1-2 minute with NO damage, and to 5min even. Yeah, right!

Mine had a completely sealed Otter Box on and fell into a washing machine that wasn't even full enough for the water to touch the top clothes, which is where it fell. I grabbed it immediately. It whacked out, screen fritzed with colored rainbow lines. Did not even seen more than damp. Want not submerged, is the thing. Now, 2 weeks later, opening the camera does 1 of 3 things: Opens with a black screen then state camera is busy then “bout 4 responding, close app" 2. Opens to black screen and freezes entire phone and causes flashlight to come on and stay on even when it shuts down itself, staying on all night 3. Just stays black.

Tried third party apps, selfie only app worked a few times when Icould force front to work. Now, Im taking this $1k thing apart since Asurion via Verizon does not help in my area and will follow the above directions that I'd already figured out halfway for myself. If possible, I'll update what I find under the hood and try linking to or inserting photos. I think it may be disconnected and wet from the fall.


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Is there any way to fix the problem without taking the battery out? Cause don't you lose everything you had when you take the battery out?


@Octivia Kirk

Removing or disconnecting the battery doesn't delete any stored data. temporary data may be lost but that is why it is called "temporary"

Also you may cause more damage by leaving the battery connected or by working on the phone's internal components with the battery still connected.



I've used rice plenty of times and it's worked for me every time. Just have to make sure to take the battery out immediately or shut it down asap… as far as the camera not working, my issue was the fall, not water. Every other time I would drop it, it would work until it was dropped again.


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Hi @Misty,

Actually the rice did the trick for my iphone 5s when it was completely drenched in the rain.

I soaked it in rice and a plastic bag and out in the sun for 1 entire day and it works as before.

What I'm really shocked is that the iphone survived the water drench and asus phone lost for just 2 to 3 drops of water.


I've tried rice plenty of times as well and it's worked mostly but this is my first time not having my camera work after a water fall


My phone fell inside water and the snapchat camera became blur dont know what to do and the battery is inbuilt cant remove it




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