How do I install the OS on to the drive

How would i go about installing the OS on the blank hard drive because its going to be my first hard drive swap? I have the iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2428 model.

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You'll need to make sure we have all of the information about your system. Edit your question here and tell us why you are upgrading and make sure the system shown on the right here is correct. Lastly tell us what your current OS is and if you still have the grey disks that came with your system.


what i did was just connect the mac to the ethernet and it basically does it by itself as long as the hard drive is blank


@lexie huseyin - Well... the newer modes have both a hidden recovery partition as well as the ability to recover over the Internet. But the systems firmware EFI has to be the newest for some of the newer systems to gain this (2010-11). In this case we don't know what his current drive state is, it maybe still working! Which makes things much easier than having to create a bootable drive to do the OS install from.


Forgot about

Thanks for the reminder!


Im just thinking about upgrading to a SSD instead of the HDD that it came with.