Model Number BD-C6900.Released 2010.

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I need to fix my blu ray dvd player

Please can you guide me through the problem my bluray dvd is having..the problem is it keeps opening and closing without no one pressing any button and due to this..i cant connect to my aux and play a programme..please what is d solution..thanks

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Apparently the problem afflicts a lot of Samsung players. The following link shows the problem, but the video itself has no solution. If you read down thru the comments however, there is a solution to fix it. (I realize that it is not your model but as previously stated the problem affects a lot of models).

Pause the video while you read the comments otherwise it will go to the next one when it has finished playing and you will lose the page

Also towards the bottom of the page is a link to another site (see below) which may also assist you. Towards the bottom it has pictures (again not your model, just to give you an idea). In this one the front panel controls seem to be disconnected to stop the problem from happening and then only the remote can be used to control the player.

After all the above it could also be just a faulty Blu-ray drive, not detecting when it is closed. You might just have to try and see what happens, if only to prove it one way or the other.

If you do decide to work on it, please ensure that you have disconnected the power (unplug it) before you start and when you have completed your work make sure that everything is assembled correctly before you reconnect the power. Do not work on it "live". It is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

Hopefully this has been of some help.


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It constantly spit's the movie back out. Saying that it's an error.have to repeat the processfor about ten minutes in order for it to actually play. ??


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I chatted with someone on Blu-Ray's chatline. It was determined that my machine needed replacement.

I was sent a shipping bill to paste on the package we sent away. That was about a month ago. We cannot find where it is, why it isn't coming back. We use it to watch Netflix, so we had to cancel Netflix.

Can you help us?


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Can you give us a number to call?


Your answer is not helpful at all!!!




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