The camera screen is black.

My camera screen stays black when I'm in capture mode or any other mode. The rest of the menu is still visible on the frame. Everything else works. It recognizes the lens.

I think it might be a stuck shutter, since when I turn on the device the shutter doesn't open or close at all, same for when I turn it off.. Does anyone know how to fix a shutter that won't close? Or maybe has an idea of what else might be going on?

Things I have done:

- Reset

- Updates (body and lensfirmware)

- Disconnected the lens, reconnected properly

- Checked the CMOS sensor for tears, but seems to be fine

Thank you in advance.

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i drop the samsung nx 300 camera by mistake since that moment my screen went black no any respond and not focusing pictures .

how i can fix it ??????????? please help me need this camera for my daily matters need a solution soon