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Background and Identification

Among the most competitive mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras in the market, the Samsung NX300 features a 3.3 inch AMOLED screen with Touch Control, a 20.3 MP image sensor and the capability to record High Definition video at up to 60 frames per second.

With its lightweight design, the NX300 also features ergonomically inspired controls and handling grips, in addition to it's tiling screen (up to 90° up and 45° down), that allow users to snap the perfect picture with greater ease. The camera also features a large optical sensor that allows for greater noise reduction in low-light settings. And when used in conjunction of the optional 5mm F1.8 NX lens, the NX300 is capable of recording 3-D video at up to 30 fps. The NX300 also features a dedicated and adjustable DirectLink button (Wi-Fi hot key) that allows users to quickly launch their preferred activity, such as MobileLink, SNS push messaging and auto backup, among others.

The overall design and dimensions of the NX300 do not deviate far from that of its predecessor, the NX210. Unlike the largely monotone NX210, however, the NX300 features a retro-inspired two-tone scheme, coupling either white, brown or black body panels with a polished chrome trim. Updates since the NX210 also include a more refined imaging engine, a faster processor, faster phase-detection sensors and quicker focusing with all lenses.

Technical Specifications


  • 4.8 x 2.51 x 1.6 inches (excluding lens)
  • 9.92 ounces (excluding battery, memory card and lens)
  • CMOS sensor: 23.5 x 15.7mm

Inputs & Outputs:

  • AV Out: Type-D Micro HDMI
  • Data Transfer: Micro USB 2.0
  • DC Power Input: 5.0V, 1A via Micro USB port

Wireless Connectivity:

  • Wireless LAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Near Field Communication: up to 7.8 inches
  • Geo-tagging: available with an optional GPS Module

Power Source:

  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion cell
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ED-BP1130
  • Performance (when fully charged):
    • up to 320 still shots
    • up to 160 minutes of video recording and playback
  • Longevity: 500 charging cycles

File Formats:

  • Storage: JPEG or Raw
  • Compatible Video Files:
    • Movie: H.264 (MPEG-4)
    • Sound: AAC

Operating System Compatibility:

  • Windows: XP SP2, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Mac OS: 10.5 or higher


  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty: 12 months parts and labor
  • MSRP: $749.99 USD (includes 18-55mm lens)


Oh, no! If something is wrong with your camera, diagnose it on the Samsung NX300 troubleshooting page.

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