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No longer heating after a power outage

We have a Litton Microwave model 1880, that is also a "range" which is connected to the oven and the stove. My grandparents got it in the 1980's, but has worked well up until a week ago, the morning after a power outage. The problem is that it appears to be heating the food, but it's not. We've flipped a couple of power switches on and off in the garage, but we're not sure that we got the right ones, since there's not one specifically labeled "kitchen" or "microwave/oven/stove." My parents and I work, so getting a repair man will be a chore to arrange. Does anyone think they know the problem? Or, preferably, the solution?

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If it was a power outage then there may have been a power surge which could have fried the internal components of the microwave. Especially if its older it would've been more susceptible to that. The power supply of the microwave was most likely fried. Thats what I can guess from what you said.


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