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Wireless controller for the Xbox 360

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What do you do if it got wet from the rain?

My 1 year old nephew had got my xbox 360 wireless controller and ran outside in the rain with it and when i went and got it it was only in the rain for about 30 seconds and bring it back in the house it was acting like it didnt want to turn on but i had to keep pressing the x button untill it did and when it did it would only stay on for about 15 seconds untill it cut off ............ WHAT DO I DO ????

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PJ Finlay - while I see and accept that your answer is given with the best intentions, and I mean absolutely no disrespect to you - but the whole "put it in rice" theory is a myth - a myth that needs to be gotten rid of!!

Brooklyn Adams - you need to get any electrical device that has been exposed to liquid:

1 - disconnected from it's power source - stop them electrons flowing ASAP

2 - open it up, take it apart - carefully, and fully - be aware of ESD too

3 - "fully" means expose any of those little hiding components on the motherboard - check for shields etc

4 - Clean the motherboard - dunk the whole thing in isopropyl alcohol (good 99% stuff) if you like. You can also gently brush it with a small ESD brush.

You are looking to halt and clean any corrosion caused by the minerals in the liquid that got on to the board. This corrosion will happen fast - so fat you can see it happening. Stop it as soon as you can, and you might just save your device.

To be real thorough you could take it to be professionally cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner


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For most electronics the best thing to do if they get wet is to get them in a bag of rice as quickly as possible and leave it there for 24 hours, which sucks the water out. Although it sounds like it is already too late for this it is also best if you don't try to turn them on until after they have soaked in rice, as this can cause potentially damaging short circuits.


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Please do the research before answering questions. This answer is something you heard somewhere and you think it works, IT DOES NOT.




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