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2014年9月19日に発売されたこのiPhoneは4.7インチのスクリーンサイズでiPhone 6 Plusの縮小版です。

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Life proof failed and let salt water get in the phone

The phone was in a life proof case and got covered with sea water. It turned off by itself and i was not able to dry it off since i was on a cruise on he beach. i let it dry by it self until the last night of the cruise and attempted to turn it on. Nothing happened so i plugged it into the charge. still nothing.

Got home from the cruise and took it apart cleaned it using alcohol it had a lot of corrosion from the salt water. I put it back together and still nothing.

Is there a way to see if my battery or my logic board are shorted?

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adri99prblms, this "had a lot of corrosion from the salt water" is going to be your biggest enemy. You have to make sure that the logicboard is 100% cleaned, remove all the EMI shields etc. Clean the connectors and all flex cables. Check for corroded components. Replace the battery for sure. After that you will have to try to hunt things down. I would replace the lighting connector and the battery at the same time, then reevaluate. Water damage is the toughest to diagnose and the toughest to fix since virtually any part may have failed.


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thank you. Thats what i figured. I ordered a new battery gave the logic board a bath with 99%alcohol and let it dry. Ill try it when the new battery gets here if it doesn't work then that will suck.


so i replaced the battery hooked everything back up and still nothing. Im just going to assume that it was the logic board.


Everything clean? No corrosion? You removed the EMI shields? Post a couple of images of your board so we can help you check it out.




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